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A documentary about one of the Astros Minor League affiliates.

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I thought about saving this for Sunday, but I think it's to good to wait. Appy Astros had a post this morning linking to a documentary project, Sparrow Songs, a project by filmmaker Alex Jablonski and cinematographer Michael Totten, in which they make and exhibit one short documentary a month for an entire year. The Astros high A affiliate Lancaster Jethawks are the subject matter for Episode 10.

It's a 10 minutes and well worth the watch, and check out Appy Astros as he points out some of the former Greeneville players in the film.

Sparrow Songs - Episode 10 - The Farm from Sparrow Songs on Vimeo.

As a New Media Arts student and having taken a film studies course this past semester I can attest to how well done this documentary is.