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Super Thanksgiving Sunday Links 28 Nov 2010

While you were eating turkey and stuffing I was compiling a list of links you could unbuckle your belt to. In addition this week we've decided to include some charity links for the upcoming holiday season. Nothing like coming to TCB and getting hassled about charity like you do at the grocery store.


MLB Charities | Community
These are charities MLB supports.

Joe Posnanski » Posts Final Harvesters Numbers «
Earlier this year Joe Posnanski had a project which mapped out readers who contributed to Harvesters. I'm one of the two people from South Carolina to contribute.
Very cool charity started by the guys at Penny Arcade. Click on a location from the map and you get sent to an amazon page where you can send a toy, game, movie, etc.. to kids in hospitals. I plan on sending something baseball related.



Substituting DRS for UZR in WAR | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at who jumps up or down depending on a different defensive metric

Comparing FIPS and xFIPS Using Batted Ball Distance | FanGraphs Baseball
Really, really cool idea.

Rule 5 Draft

Rule 5 Possibilities, 2010 - Bucs Dugout
Are these the best players available in the 2010 MLB Rule 5 draft? I think so - click and find out for yourself.