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A Very TCB Thanksgiving

Thursday is a very public day of thanks around this country. Barring a huge trade or free agent signing, most of you will probably be together with your family, watching the Fightin' Garretts and the Lions struggle to stay relevant. So, I'm a day early on my Thanksgiving thanks.

First of all, I just want to say how much I appreciate all our talented, creative, analytical writers on this site. I've said this before and I'll say it again, but a fan site with just one voice would get boring pretty quickly. Having an excellent group of contributors is such a blessing and really keeps everyone on their toes. Everyone produces top-notch content, but I would like to send a special thanks to Stephen and Evan. Without the two of them, I wouldn't be a part of this little community, and I really can't imagine watching or following the Astros without all of you TCBers.

That's right, I'm thankful for you readers, lurkers and commenters too. I used to talk with my buddies about the Astros, but there would never be more than two or three of us arguing with each other at a time. Having this many different opinions is great. As Stephen has mentioned before, it really helps shape my own thoughts on moves and philosophies about the team. It doesn't always work (see my stubborn insistence that there is good to be had in the Barmes trade), but all of you really have upgraded the way I think about baseball.

On that end, I'm also thankful we have a major league baseball team to call our own. I'm thankful they're interesting and can do things to get us talking. I'm thankful we don't have to constantly worry about them moving to another city. I'm thankful they have a great media relations department, including the face of the Astros Alyson Footer. We also have solid media coverage between Zachary Levine and Brian McTaggart. Those three make following the Astros that much easier.

To that end, I'd like to follow up on Stephen's post about TCB's philosophy by asking all of you what you want to see on this little corner of the internet. There is a handy-dandy Google Form right here for just that purpose. Fill it out, completely anonymously and help make TCB even better than it is.

Thanks again, everyone, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!