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The most important person to the Astros going forward.

So as you surely have heard by now Drayton McLane is selling the Astros. You know all about the accomplishments of the Astros since he bought the team back in the early 90's. During his reign the Astros went to the playoffs more times than any other time in Astros history, first series win, first World Series in Texas blah blah blah. But was he the most important man in the Astros organization. I mean he writes the checks, but he's also meddled in the baseball operations driving off good people and pushing the team towards the wrong side of the win/loss column.

Now that he's on his way out the door, we'll have plenty of time to reflect upon tenure as owner, but first let's look towards the future. Who is going to be the most important person within the Astros organization going forward?

Is it Ed Wade, who is three years into rebuilding the franchise. He'll make decisions on the draft, free agents, trades, etc.. He is the face of the front office, the central hub for all baseball transactions. He also has to deal with the owner whom depending on their personality may be easy or difficult with.

Or is one of the smaller players behind the scene. Someone the prospect guys are enamored with around here. Bobby Heck. Yes the man that is going to guide the farm system back to prominence. While Wade may make the decisions Heck brings in the talent that is going to fuel the Astros organization. Without him Wade is a goner.

What about the new guy, Brad Mills. He's the one that will be managing all the players. Dealing with egos as well as developing the young players. Regardless of what the front office thinks or does, his decisions in game are what's going to effect the outcome of each and every game through out the season. He'll also be giving input on the type of players he wants on his team, and thus guiding the product on the field towards success or failure.

Finally, maybe it's the new owner, who will come in with his own philosophy and own way of doing things with the organization. He has the final say on all organizational matters.

Tal Smith, an Astro player, an Astro icon, Maybe it's the field crew, the broadcasters JD and Brownie, the writers Footer and McTaggart, the support staff...The fans.

Who do you think it is?