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Super Sunday Links 21 Nov 2010

Say hello to the newest Astro.
Say hello to the newest Astro.

While the Astros were acquiring a shortstop I was compiling a list of awesomeness. My apologies to the two of you who actually read the links post. I have no excuse for not getting it on time and can only beg for your forgiveness.


Bias or Insight? | FanGraphs Baseball
As you may or may not of heard two Pittsburgh Pirates make the Rookie of the Year balloting while at the same time leaving Jason Heyward off the ballot.


Minor Leagues

Appy Astros: Jordan Parraz - Heading to LVBP
AppyAstro discusses former Astro Minor League player Jordan Parraz

First look: New Sugar Land ballpark
Everyone loves a pretty ballpark rendering. To brighten up your offseason, here's a first look at the new Sugar Land (Texas) ballpark, scheduled to open in 2012 as the home of an independent Atlantic League team.


Hot Stove

True Utility: Nick Punto | FanGraphs Baseball
I know I speculate a lot about who Ed Wade might be interested in, but this article's description of Punto's skill set, coupled with a move to the National League might make him a 'creative' target.

Inside Salary Arbitration | FanGraphs Baseball
An explanation of the Salary Arbitration process.

Padres hire Ex-Astro Ausmus as special assistant | Baseball | - Houston Chronicle
This is a no brain move for Ausmus. It allows him to stay involved in baseball and spend time with his family. It may be a while before he joins the coaching ranks.

more links after the jump.

Statistics and Graphs

Sabermetrics And You: An Introduction - Amazin' Avenue
The Bill James quote = mind melting. The rest of the writing is superb, too.

Baseball Prospectus | Spinning Yarn: Pitcher Release Points
The graphs are drool inducing.

Flip Flop Fly Ball. Baseball infographics and other visual treats.
One of the coolest graphics I have seen--ever.