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National League Cy Young Goes To Halladay

The Baseball Writers Association of America released the results of the National League Cy Young award minutes ago. The winner, unanimously, was Philadelphia's Roy Halladay. You can find the complete voting breakdown here.

The Astros finally got a player on the ballot, as Brett Myers picked up a fourth-place nod this year on one ballot to finish 10th. It's the first time Myers has been so honored in his career. Former Astro Roy Oswalt finished sixth, with one third-place vote, three fourth-place votes and five fifth-place votes.

Compare that list to the SB Nation Cy Young award that was posted earlier today on the parent site. Halladay was a unanimous winner there too, and Wainright finished second there as well. My votes were the same as before, going Halladay, Josh Johnson, Lincecum, Wainright and Mat Latos. Myers did not receive any votes on that ballot, but Carlos Marmol inexplicably did.

Here's our complete list:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Points
Roy Halladay 33 231
Adam Wainwright 16 5 10 2 101
Ubaldo Jimenez 8 16 5 1 91
Josh Johnson 7 9 9 5 78
Tim Lincecum 2 2 4 8 30
Tim Hudson 2 5 9
Mat Latos 1 2 1 8
Roy Oswalt 1 4 6
Clayton Kershaw 3 3
Cole Hamels 2 2
Carlos Marmol 1 1
Jaime Garcia 1 1


What do you think? What were the egregious votes from the writers? From us?