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SB Nation Rookie Of The Year Awarded to Heyward

SB Nation's excellent group of baseball sites decided to get together once again and vote on the league awards. Each site got two ballots, and each voter got to pick three rookies for the SB Nation Rookie of the Year award. Timmy and I were the two voters for TCB. I went with my three choices from earlier this offseason, putting Heyward first, Posey second and Ike Davis third.

1st 2nd 3rd Points
Jason Heyward 20 11 0 133
Buster Posey 12 18 2 116
Jaime Garcia 1 12 15
Starlin Castro 1 3 6
Mike Stanton 6 6
Gaby Sanchez 1 2 5
Ike Davis 4 4
Dan Hudson 1 1
Chris Johnson 1 1
Jhoulys Chacin 1 1


I suspect Tim was that lone vote for Chris Johnson, but I'm not sure. Anyone you're surprised made the list? Would you have changed the order at all? I thought it was also interesting that the real third-place finisher Gaby Sanchez finished so far down on our list.