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Baseball's Awards Week Begins In Earnest

We already had a pair of announcements last week to whet our collective appetites when the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards were announced. This week begins a two-week swing of baseball trying to stay relevant in the offseason by announcing their regular season awards.

Monday will be the Rookie of the Year awards. Tuesday will be the National League Cy Young followed by the Managers of the Year on Wednesday and AL Cy Young on Thursday.The MVP awards will wait until Monday and Tuesday of next week.

My question to you is how do you expect the Astros to do in the voting? We can also discuss possible winners here, but I'm really more concerned over how you think Brad Mills, Chris Johnson and Brett Myers will do. Will any of them finish in the top 5? top 10? Should we expect anything like those finishes from anyone on the Astros?

I'd like to see Mills get consideration for NL MOY, simply because he did a very underrated job with this team, overcoming a terrible start and dealing with a team that could have very easily crumbled around the Oswalt trade. Myers should also get some Cy love, but the NL field is just too good to expect a high finish. The same goes for Johnson, who put together a solid season and could have been in contention to win the awards, if he had put up this season a year ago, when Chris Coghlan won in a weak year.

Awards don't mean a lot, but it is fun to debate them. What do you think? Will the BBWAA get it right?