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And Then There Was One...Game

This is it. Game 162. After today, there will be no more Astros baseball until next April. It's always a sad day, especially since there hasn't been a playoff chase to keep us occupied. But, the game does march on. We'll be providing a lot of analysis and feedback on the season that is closing down after this game, but that will be spread out over the next couple of weeks. What I want to touch on this morning is your favorite memories from the 2010 season. When you look back on all the games they've played, is there one that sticks out in your mind? Will the season be forever defined by the trades of Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt, or did the Philadelphia series have enough meaning for you to be your first recollection?

For me, it was the game I went to in St. Louis back in April. Yeah, it was a loss during a time when the Astros were playing some of their worst baseball in years. But, I got to see Brett Myers begin to come into his own as a top-flight pitcher for Houston. I got to see a game at Busch Stadium and I got to see one heck of a pitcher's duel. It was a loss, sure (I would have been better served going to the next day's game), but I had a lot of fun seeing these guys in person in a city other than Houston.

How about you? It's okay to share bad memories too...sometimes, the easiest way to forget is to talk it out in a public setting. We won't let those San Francisco Giants beat up on you any more, we promise.