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What Kind of GM Would You Be?

With all the interviews for front office positions that other teams are holding of late, I have a question for you TCB readers. If you were interviewing for one of these open GM positions, how would you answer the questions about your philosophy? What is your ideal team-building strategy? How do you deal with free agency? Arbitration? Basically, how would you run a team? It could be your philosophy for building the Astros or just a hypothetical team.

I'll give you an example of what I think my answer would be:

I'm a big proponent of building through the draft and supplementing through free agency. I think an ideal team would be built around at least two very good starting pitchers. The third guy in a rotation could be a younger up-and-coming guy or an older veteran on a short deal.

In fact, I would try to limit the team to only 3-year deals or less. Sure, you may miss out on guys like Teixeira or Cliff Lee, but for most players, you're saving yourself from a crippling contract (hello, Carlos Lee). Bullpen guys are fungible but important. Finding a couple low-cost additions each winter should be a priority. You should also never be afraid to make waiver claims and shake things up during the season with the bullpen. You never know when you'll catch lightning in a bottle.

Offensively, I'd rather have a high on-base percentage than speed every day of the week. Defense is obviously important, but the only places I'd let it outweigh bad offensive production are at shortstop and catcher. I'd try to avoid long-term contracts in left field and first base as much as possible, since those are relatively easy to fill.

I could go on, but you get the point. Now, let me put the question to you...