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Super Sunday Links 17 Oct 2010

While Hunter Pence was touring Pittsburgh for the best breakfast, I was putting together links for your inhalation. If you feel you have an outstanding link to share feel free to leave it in the comments section below.


Astro Players of the Past

The Mysterious and Tragic Death of Don Wilson
Extensive, sad piece on the life of Don Wilson. We'll never know what happened that night, but it also was a nice reminder about his career, too. A must-read. (long read so make sure you set a good chunk of time aside to read this.)

Ausmus felt time was right to retire- The New Haven Register - Serving New Haven, Connecticut
Discusses Ausmus managerial plans for next year.


TBS Upgrades Postseason Coverage from Chip Caray to Dick Stockton, and Ratings Fall | FanGraphs Baseball
The playoff broadcasting makes you long for the days of JD and Brownie.

Joe Posnanski " Posts Sweeney: An Essay "
A post about Mike Sweeney who is playing in his first post season after 16 seasons.

Giants-Braves Division Series was baseball at its unscripted best - Tom Verducci -
Giants verse Braves NLDS, Cox, Verducci need I say more.

Around the Blogosphere

Farmstros: Farmstros Hopes to Play some softball at MMP. Can you Help?
Get Farmstros to the game! We need some online writers represented in this game, don't we? Who better than a published author? If you haven't checked out Farmstros Quest for 3,000 Syllables book, you should. And you should also help get him into this game. I'm sure the stories and pictures will be worth it.

Tag's Lines: A look at the Astros at the Arizona Fall League
I had this question in an article I read last week from McTaggart. Does it appear that David Gottfried is taking over the role that Ricky Bennett used to play? Bennett was the travel buddy of Wade on a lot of these trips in past years, but now it appears Gottfried is the guy. They didn't make a huge deal out of those job changes at the end of the season, but this appears fairly significant. I wonder why new player development VP Fred Nelson isn't mentioned?

Astros County: Qs, As with David Carpenter
AC does a great job landing an interview with David Carpenter. Should be a fun offseason if he keeps this up.