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The Crawfish Boxes - Round 1 MLB Playoff Roundup

The postseason is upon us, and while I'm sure many Astro fans have moved onto football, there are still former Astros to root for in the postseason. While I haven't watched or listened to as many games as I've liked I still have tried to keep abreast of the baseball being played in each series.

Below I've compiled a roundup of how former Astros in the postseason have fared so far. Without further ado:

NLDS Giants verse Braves: Giants win series, 3-1

This was the final season for not only Bobby Cox, but also former Astros closer Billy Wagner. He would suffer an oblique injury -- the same kind of injury Bourn suffered at the end of the season -- after facing only two batters in Game 2 of this series.

Former Astros minor leaguer Brooks Conrad also played in the Division Series for the Braves as well, but unfortunately he would end up with the kind of notoriety no baseball player wants. Offensively, he got only one hit in twelve plate appearances, but that wasn't why he'll be remembered. Pressed into service because of the injuries to Chipper Jones and Martin Prado, Conrad committed four errors in the Division Series, three coming in Game 3 and one coming at the absolute wrong time. Conrad allowed a ball to go through his legs in the top of the ninth that essentially gave the Giants the lead in the game, and allowed them to take a 2-1 edge in the series. Not all the blame should be placed on Conrad, though. Bobby Cox could have pulled Conrad for a better defensive option at second, and relief pitcher Mike Dunn coughed up the lead before Conrad's error.

NLDS Phillies verse Reds: Phillies win series, 3-0

Former Astros draftee and Richard Justice favorite Drew Stubbs made his first postseason appearance with the Reds. He collected a whopping one hit and two walks in eleven plate appearance, for a .384 OPS. Methinks Justice won't be using that to needle McLane any time soon.

On the Phillies side, Roy Oswalt pitched Game 2 of the series. Unfortunately for him, the Red's had just been no-hit by Roy Halladay and they were looking for some payback. He went five innings, allowed three earned runs on five hits while striking out five and walking one. It wasn't second-half Roy, but it was good enough to help the Phillies win the game. He also gave us this instant classic.

The only other former Astro of note in the series was another closer in Brad Lidge, who collected the save in Game 2.

ALDS Rangers verse Rays: Rangers win series, 3-2

Former relief pitcher Chad Qualls was acquired by the Rays at the non-waiver trade deadline this year. He appeared in two games spanning 1 2/3 innings, coughing up two earned runs on four hits. Both of those runs came in the fifth inning of Game 2, when he allowed a home run to Michael Young and a run-scoring single to Ian Kinsler.

Dan Wheeler, another former relief pitcher for the Astros, pitched one inning in Game 2 as well, striking out two while not allowing a hit or walk.

Finally for the Rays, there is Ben Zobrist, who is another former Minor Leaguer and one of the many reasons Tim Purpura lost his job. Zobrist hit .300/.364/.550 in five games, collecting six hits while hitting one home run and two doubles.

I bet you didn't think there were any former Astros on the Rangers but in fact there are -- if you did know you get a blue star. Darren Oliver didn't have an illustrious career with the Astros but he appear in nine games and 14 innings with the Astros in 2004. For the Rangers in the Division Series, he's pitched 4 1/3 innings in three games, allowing two runs, three hits and issuing one walk while striking out five. He took the loss in Game 3.

ALDS Yankees verse Twins: Yankees win series, 3-0

Former Houston starting pitcher Andy Pettitte started Game 2 of the series, building on his postseason success. Pettitte returned to form, answering questions about his ability to pitch going seven innings and allowing only two runs on five hits, issuing one walk, and striking out four.

Also playing in Game 2 was the beloved Big Puma, Lance Berkman, who has been regulated to part time duty. He made the most of it, going 2 for 4, with a double and home run, while driving in two and scoring two runs.