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Super Sunday 10 Oct 2010

With Cabrera looking on, it looks like Sanchez is in some trouble with a kid dressed as an ump.
With Cabrera looking on, it looks like Sanchez is in some trouble with a kid dressed as an ump.

Pitching Evaluation

Numbers for the Numbered Starters | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs Bryan Smith breaks down how pitchers should be evaluated in regards to rotation slot.

Baseball Teams Seek Better Athleticism Through 3-D Imaging -
It seems like this is something Paulino, Norris, and Lyles need to have done ASAP.

Thoughts on Young Pitcher Development - Minor League Ball
John Sickels is no scout, though his prospect analysis is often spot-on. So, it's interesting to hear his take on developing young pitchers. This is what I like about the offseason. There's no baseball to write, but plenty of interesting articles to think about baseball in different ways.

Baseball Prospectus | Playoff Prospectus: The Mystery of the Inside Pitch
Colin Wyers brings the noise, as he typically does.


Some love for Billy Wagner | HardballTalk
It's been a long, storied career for Wagner. I'll admit I've always had a soft spot for the hard-throwing lefty and am sad to see him and Ausmus retire in the same season.

Scouting Report: J.D. Martinez, OF, Houston Astros : Scouting the Sally
Not the most glowing review of JD Martinez, though it does gibe with what we've been saying, that Martinez' power potential will limit his upside.

Alyson's Footnotes: Aluminum bats, Minor League MVPs, and...Bagwell takes BP?
I'm sure many of you already read Alyson Footer's blog, if not you should be, but this is just cool.

Discussion and Debate

Joe Posnanski " Posts Bring Back Sports Arguments "
Joe Posnanski discusses confrontation, debate, and questioning

Joe Blogs: Bad Calls In Baseball
Joe discusses the bad calls umps have already made in the playoffs.


Visiting Cooperstown [Part 5] " Baseball-Reference Blog " Blog Archive
The finally two installations of a trip to Cooperstown, NY.

Visiting Cooperstown [Part 6] " Baseball-Reference Blog " Blog Archive

The Business Side of Baseball

McLane says family again considering selling Astros
Are we in for another long offseason of "Drayton will sell' stories? Will anything actually happen?

No serious talks to sell Astros, McLane says | Baseball | - Houston Chronicle
Already, the Sports Business Journal rumor is squelched. Good pull by Levine to get on top of the story, though.

Indians promote Chris Antonetti to general manager and name Mark Shapiro team president | HardballTalk
This has nothing to do with the Astros, but I bet something similar happens one day when Drayton finally sells the team. Wade moves up into the team president role, which was vacated when Tal Smith retires. Bobby Heck becomes GM and someone else moves up to fill Heck's spot.

MLB attendance drops for third straight season - ESPN
At least the Astros weren't alone in the attendance dropoff. Baseball isn't hurting for money or anything, but I bet it's a long time before the Astros give out another 100 million dollar contract.

Breaking Down 2010 MLB Regular Season Attendance | FanGraphs Baseball
A nice macro overview. Also, it's crazy to me that the NL West leads in average attendance.