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As an Astros fan what do you have planned for the offseason?

This weekend series against the Cubs marks the final games of this season. With the end of the regular season comes two to three hours free time for us Astro fans.

We all know about the grind the players go through in a Major League baseball season. On top of 162 games, they have interviews, organizational events, charity events, appearances, and on and on. That doesn't include Spring Training or the playoffs -- for the few that happen to make it.

Fans that watch games on a regular basis could also consider it a grind, especially if you're watching a team that doesn't make it to the promised land that is October. A case can be made that fans have just as much going on in their lives as athletes do, just not as glamorous: get up go to work or school, come home do chores or homework -- possibly both -- chase the kid(s) around the house, cook dinner, put the kid(s) to bed and then set aside usually two to three hours possibly more if it goes into extra's. Hopefully they're not playing on the west coast or you're in for a real long night, and next day at work or school. Some have more, some have less, and if you're actually going to the ballpark it can complicate things a bit more. That doesn't include the hours upon hours invested in reading articles, and the discussion forums fans partake in. I'm not going to say fans have it worse than athletes, but I do believe fans put in quite a bit of effort to watch their favorite team.

Stories have begun to come out about the offseason plans of some of the players. Tommy Manzella will be heading out to the Dominican Winter League to make up for the lost at bats. Likewise Angel Sanchez is heading to Puerto Rico to play Winter ball for Mayaguez. Heading back to Stanford is Jason Castro who will continue to work on his degree. after a trying time for him and his family Chris Johnson will finally get a chance to spend some quality time with them.

What I want to know is what do some of you TCB readers have planned for the offseason?

Besides trying to get you to continue reading TCB, I'll be adding an accelerated course in chemistry to my evening classes schedule. Try to catch a couple Roy Oswalt, and Twins postseason games. In fact I would love a Twins verse Phillies World Series. As much as I'd hate to see the Yankees in the World Series, A Phillies and Yankees world series would bring us a Roy Oswalt verse Lance Berkman match-up. Which would be can't miss TV for Astro fans. I'd also like to complete a couple video games I'm working on and watch the entire Ken Burns Baseball documentary.

But enough about my boring exploits, what about you?