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Miguel Tejada signs with the Baltimore Orioles



Proof that one can go home again.

Miguel signed a 1 year/$6 million deal, plus incentives. CHONE projects the 35 year old to be a 1.8 win player in 2010 at SS. The fact that he's going to shift over to a corner infield spot and play in the AL East against much better pitching than he would have faced with the Astros can't help that total. However, as clack notes in the comments a shortstop's skills usually translate well to third base.

All in all, not a bad move for the Orioles who have stop-gap veterans manning first (Garrett Atkins) and now third base. Their club does have a nice looking farm system with a few prominent arms at the AA and AAA levels. John Sickles over at MinorLeagueBall has Josh Bell, 23, as their highest ranked third base prospect. Bells was even more highly thought of in this ranking of the O's minor leaguers. While just three weeks ago it appeared that Bell had a shot at making the big league team out spring training, that seems like an outside chance now that Baltimore has Tejada, Atkins and former Astro Ty Wingginton on the roster.

With Tejada on board, check out the Orioles' active player roster. Six former Astros! Luke Scott, Tejada and Patton will vie for starting positions, while Albers, Sarfate and Wigginton will most likely be key relief pitchers/reserves. As much as Ed Wade likes former Phillies, the O's are full of former Astros. If they end up making noise in the AL East, they can thank the Bayou City.

Bottom line: this was a somewhat predictable signing and Charm City certainly didn't break the bank to get Tejada back. Playing third base full time will definitely be an adjustment, and remembering what it's like to play the Red Sox and Yankees nearly 40 times instead of the Reds and Pirates is huge as well, but Miggy still has high contact and low K skills to peddle. A young club like the Orioles could certainly use some sort veteran presence (whatever you take that phrase to mean), and the Astros have always raved about his clubhouse skills. Good luck and God's speed, Miguelito. Seriously though...that speed will come in handy as AL second baseman and shortstops pound their mitts in anticipation of a ground ball right at them, while a runner on first tries in vain to break up the twin killing.