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TCB Goes to the Ballpark?

I know the guys over at The Dream Shake have set up a deal to get group tickets for their readers to Rockets games. It got me thinking, "Why can't we do that for our site?"

I'm not sure if this is something you've tried to do in the past, but how many of you would want to get a block of tickets for some number of games next season? Before I talk with anyone in ticket sales, I wanted to get an idea from you how many were interested, if you wanted to set something up on a monthly basis or just try for once next season or if you want to even socialize with other posters on here outside the Internets.

I'm not sure whether the Astros will work with us on this, but judging from last season's ticket sales, I'm sure we can work something out.. I'm attaching a poll to this post to see if you are interested in this. Feel free to leave comments as well about the idea, changes, modifications, if it's been done before and failed spectacularly, or if there aren't enough of you near Houston to go to a game.

Just think, we could band together and become Brandon Lyon's fan section: The Lyon's Den. Or, The Lyon's Pride, Or Lyon's Kings, Or...well, I'll stop there.