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Spend Your Labor Day with Farmstros

In case a menu of Astros/Phillies and Jerry Lewis doesn't do it for you this Labor Day, celebrate the holiday with Farmstros.  Listen to and watch Houston's top four farm teams as they close out their seasons.  Online audio is available here.

12:05 Round Rock vs. Omaha(video at the Express website)

1:05 Lexington at Bowling Green

4:00 Lancaster vs. Inland Empire

7:05 Corpus Christi vs. San Antonio(video at the Hooks website)


NOTE:  Heading into today's season finale, Lancaster's Jonathan Gaston leads the minors with 35 home runs.  Lexington's Brian Pellegrini is tied at 34 with Albuquerque's Mitch Jones.


TWO MORE NOTES as of Monday at 4:30 PM(Central).  The Lancaster game is actually at 8pm(Central)  Gaston and Jones are now tied with 35 home runs, giving Gaston the final chance to claim the sole championship.