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Thursday TCB Trivia Question

TCB Trivia Answer:

I'm not pleased that I gave y'all such an easy question this week. So, like most everyone guessed, the 1970 Astros' team MVP was in fact Mr. Joe Morgan.

The additional question, which two pitchers led the team in wins, was a little trickier. Larry Dierker (16 wins) was correct, but Jack Billingham snuck in there with 13 wins. Don Wilson had 11, for the record.

Next week, things won't be as easy. I promise.

Today's question concerns Astro history:

I don't know if the team still does this, but in the early years of the Astros franchise, the team would name a player as that season's "Astros MVP".

In 1970, the Astros finished 79-83. Harry Walker managed the club to a fourth place record. Fairly ho-hum season for the relatively new club.

However, a 26 year old hitter who would wind up being named team MVP had himself a nice season.

He would walk 102 times, while striking out on only 55 occurrences. (Yeeeeeeesh...too many o's there, Evan)

Not an extra base hitting machine, he would amass only eight home runs in 548 ABs. In fact he would hit more triples, 9, than homers in that season.

All those walks helped him lead the team in runs scored (102).

This may give it away, but the guy played the game the right way- bunts, stolen bases, the whole nine yards. Throughout his career he was a consistent contributor to his team.

So I'm asking ya: Who was the Astros' team MVP in 1970?

***HLP Update***: Ok, this is too easy I think. So here's an additional question: Which two pitchers led the team in wins in that 1970 season?

I'll give the answer later today. Also, I've been told this one is too easy..sorry if it is!