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Farmstros '09 in Review Part 4- Gaston Shows off for Bagwell

Lancaster outfielder Jonathan Gaston tied for the minor league lead in home runs with 35 and earned the California-Carolina All-Star Game MVP award with a walk-off home run, but he still had time to give a personal power performance in mid-July for Jeff Bagwell

Bagwell traveled with the Astros to watch the Dodgers-Astros series that ended Sunday, July 19. After visiting with Mark Loretta and Brad Ausmus, Bagwell was scheduled to see a few JetHawks games in nearby Lancaster. I am not sure exactly which games Bagwell attended, but Jonathan Gaston was not taking any chances.

Beginning with his final two plate appearances late Sunday, July 19 through his last plate appearance on Tuesday, Gaston had five home runs and three bases on balls which resulted in seven RBI in a total of 10 plate appearances. For the season, the 2008 draft pick batted .278 with 31 doubles, 15 triples, 35 home runs, 14 stolen bases and 100 RBI.