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TCB Fantasy World Series Champion

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Perhaps there are a few of you who weren't involved who remember that we organized a fantasy league.  There was such a strong interest that HLP and I decided that it needed to be divided into two leagues.  Of course, the issue with that, is that it'd be nearly impossible to determine a winner that way; and what's the point have having a blog fantasy league if you can't declare a clear winner? Our dilemma exactly.

Thankfully, while procrastinating on my senior thesis one day, I decided to start brain storming with HLP on how we could accommodate two leagues and a distinct victor.  Probably twenty-five minutes later, the very obvious, very clear, very awesome solution presented itself: Have an AL-only and a NL-only league, cap the to end early, and then calculate the final week by hand so that you can have a winner.  Thus, the TCB Fantasy World Series was born.

HLP took the NL league to organize and I the AL and for the last five five months, the two leagues have played out to determine who would take their respective league championship series; if, of course, a week of H2H counts as a series.

In the NL-only league, hayzer13 took the NLCS and would face off against Lancelot's AL champs (for the rosters, click here and read through the comments).  After spending the better part of three cups of coffee tallying up the stats, I am proud to announce the results:

NL 45 30 5 1 .284
AL 25 31 3 5 .255

NL 5 4 37 3.27 1.33
AL 2 0 33 4.21 1.51

So, by a final tally of 7-2, hayzer13's NL squad is the TCB Fantasy World Series champion.  Congratulations to both hazer13 and Lancealot, who have both managed to add a league title to their Yahoo! Fantasy Sports profile.