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Sunday Morning Astros, etc. Round Up

It was brought to my attention tonight that #iamsinglebecause is a top trending topic on Twitter.  It hurts my brian less at this point to think about that than continue ponder whether the Astros will surpass 2007's 72 win mark.

  • Richard Justice gets creative on his search for the Astros next manager.  Usually Justice's hair-brained schemes like this make my head hurt worse than the above scenarios, but I like where his head is at on this one.  In fact, I like it a lot.  Not necessarily the candidate, just the criterion.
  • Footer has some great pictures from the Minor League MVP ceremony from last night.  Depressing realization: I am older than some of them.  This is a sad age for me.
  • JJO has some quotes from Roger and Kolby's night at MMP.  I really can't imagine a worse shadow to have live in.  Never, and I repeat, never will I complain about any pressure I've ever felt from my parents again.
  • BPro is searching for the proper way to evaluate franchise's efficiency and they're offering a new formula.  The Astros aren't ranked very highly...shocking.
  • I couldn't find anything else interesting, so I told Baseball Reference to give me a random page.
  • For those of you have been with TCB since Way Back, I went to the Way Back Machine and took you to happier times.  2005 seems like a life time ago.