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Thursday TCB Trivia Question

***Answer Time***:

Part 1: Virdon, Howe, Dierker

Part 2: Omar Vizquel, Ken Griffey, Gary Sheffield, Ivan Rodriguez, and Jim Thome. Luis Gonzales is technically third on this list since he isn't officially retired. Although it certainly appears that he is.


In memory of Cecil Cooper, a manager related question leads off the trivia questions:

Part 1: Name the three men who have managed the most games in Houston Astros history

Part 2: Pete Rose has played in a record 3562 games. Not likely that any major leaguer approaches that mark. Craig Biggio, for instance, played 20 seasons and made it into 2850 games. That's 4+ seasons behind Rose, ladies and gentlemen. Anyways, what I am asking is this: which five current major leaguers rank highest on this list?

Think hard, and the answers will be posted this afternoon.