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Cecil Cooper fired, but who's more incompetent: Coop or the Astros' brass?

By the team I got on my break at work, I had already recevied a few texts and emails about Coop's firing.  The last few minutes have found me rushing to a computer to put up some sort of jumbled thought about this and I can't really find a clear thread.

The first thing I thought was: cool, people will care about the Astros today.  With the Texans rising from last weeks ashes and Texas being a football state first and foremost, I figured that the entire city of Houston had thanked their collective lucky stars that there was a team in town worth caring about.  With this move the Astros have done one thing: they've made headlines.  ESPN is even featuring the story on the front page (this happens no more than once a year for the Astros).

Does this really do anything for the team itself? I doubt it.  Ed Wade and Drayton McLane have watched the magical point in the season where firing their manager could perhaps help the team rally to glory weeks ago.  The front office has also now sunk a few million with the contract extension they offered him in April.  Maybe it's because I'm just down on the Astros in general right now, but I just don't care that we fired Coop.  I would have a month ago.  I would have jumped for joy and swung from rafters shouting the good news, but it's too late.  

This just feels like a symptom of the greater issue that plagues this franchise: a complete lack of willingness to be bold.

Like I said, these are jumbled thoughts, but I think they're meritorious.  I know that HLP will likely weigh in with his own thoughts on the news later, but these are mine.  At the end of the day, and in spite of the fact that I think Coop is one of the worst managers alive, this move has me confused and angry at the front office.

Sound off.