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Paulino responds to Wade's ultimatum; Astros fall to Cubs

6IP, 7K, 2BB, 4H, 2R (both earned), 99 pitches (61 strikes).  If Ed Wade was looking for a sign that Felipe Paulino wasn't going to go quietly into AAAA purgatory, he can't miss the one that Paulino made for him this afternoon.  A truly masterful performance, even at the advance stat level: 10.5K/9, 3.5K:BB, 7.07K/100.  

For the third straight day, however, it wasn't the pitching that didn't give the Astros an opportunity to compete, it was the dismal, anemic offense.  On this nine game road trip the Astros mustered an average of 2.45 runs per game (22 runs, 9 games).

As far as the game's feel good story line, Aaron Boone played solid defense at 1B, with one spectacular play, but like his peers in the lineup, Boone was foiled by Lilly.  Still, just getting to see Boone pretend to shield his eyes from the "bright light" and check his pulse in the dugout overshadows and oh-fer at the plate.



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