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Thursday Morning Astros, etc Round Up and Triva Question

Trivia Question Answers:

Question #1: Jose Cruuuuuzzzzz

Question #2: Phil Nevin

Good guesses, all. I need to raise the difficulty of these questions, still...

In a move that is probably in his best interest, Roy Oswalt has pitched his last inning of 2009. The degenerative disk in his back is not improving, and rather than have the issue linger on into 2010 the prudent move is sit Roy for the duration of the season. Surgery, Oswalt noted, is an option, but the team is going to try to avoid it by putting Roy on a strengthening regimen involving swimming and other activities. Yorman Bazardo is tentatively the man to take Roy's slot in the rotation, and Wilton Lopez is another candidate to make a start if need be.

Speaking of injuries, Mike Hampton is the unluckiest man alive, apparently. I can't really argue.

Jerry Crasnick gives us his top nine emerging star outfielders, and guess who's number one?:

"He's been our most valuable player," Houston general manager Ed Wade said of Bourn, who is turning out to be everything the Astros hoped for when they acquired him from Philadelphia in the Brad Lidge trade.

Baseball America released it's list of the top 25 college and high school prospects heading into the 2010 draft. (Yes, I realize there is a long way to go before the draft, but come on- we just got swept by the Reds!) Worth taking note of is, the first high schooler on the list- Jameson Taillon, a pitcher for The Woodlands High School. DQ, I'm sure, is happy to read that...


Ok, people. The past couple questions I've shelled out have been too "easy", apparently. Only a Lad basically mocked my question about 1970 Astros' MVP Joe Morgan. That's cool, that's cool. I'll step my game up to another level.

I like two part questions, because...well, as co-manager/writer of this here blog, I gets to do things like make up the trivia questions on Thursday. So, without further adieu:

Part One: Who is the Astros' career leader in triples?

Part Two: A former Astro was named Most Outstanding Player of the 1992 College World Series. Like the first question, the number three has significance with this player in some way.