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Dominance thy name is Bud Norris: Pirates 1 - Astros 9

I didn't see a single second of this game, so my analysis will be skin deep and emphasize what I can glean from the box score.

Things that are good (there will be no corresponding things that were bad):

  • Bud Norris' final line: 6IP, 6H, 1R (1ER), 7K, 1BB, 84 pitches (54 strikes).
  • Bud Norris' peripherals: 7 K:BB, 10.5 K/9, 8.33 K/100.  That's efficiency—which in pitching gets renamed dominance.
  • Yorman Bazardo getting tested in the bullpen (something I've been hoping for) and producing a 3K inning.  I'll take infinite K:BB ratios and 27 K/9 all day everyday from in the pen.
  • Lance Berkman starting a HR streak and sprinkling in a 2B for good measure.
  • Kazuo Matsui going 3/4 with a 2B as well.
  • Tommy Manzella collecting his first big league hit—a good omen, perhaps?
Whatever I've left off good, bad, or indifferent let me know.

Here's the only game recapage you actually need:



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