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Farmstro Mitch Einertson suspended for second violation of MLB Drug Policy

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**UPDATE** Apparently Einertson was suspended for recreational drug the whole topic of discussion I was hoping for won't take place.  That's a good thing, though.

Mitch Einertson of AA Corpus Christi was busted for his second violation of MLB drug policy today.  He was served with a 50 game suspension because this is second violation of the league's policy.

Einerston is currently batting .258 with a .705 OPS and .326 wOBA in Corpus, which, of course, begs the question how much was whatever Einerston taking actually helping him?  His ISO (isolated slugging percentage) was .127, which is certainly unimpressive.  However, what is the most concerning is that it makes me wonder how prevalent PED usage is in the Astros farm system?