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Tuesday Morning Astros, etc Round Up

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Bill James has weighed in on the winners and losers of the trade deadline. I feel like my opinions on the subject are worthless on any subject that James opines on, because he's just so damn astute.

One man's perspective from the most recent SABR convention in Baltimore. Sounds like a cool concept, one that I did not know SABR did.

So this is cool: the President of the San Diego Padres invited two of the managers from Gaslamp Ball to last night's Pads game.

When I have time to kill, I usually think, "Hmmm....I guess I'll watch some TV." When other people have time to kill, they build a replica of Fenway Park at their home.

Speaking of ROID-Sox Nation (yea, I went there), a New Yorker is giving out instructions for Yankees' fans this week as Boston rolls into the Big Apple:

So Yankees, fans when the big bloody sock machine pulls into town on Thursday for a four game set at the stadium, leave your blow up syringes and steroid chants at home. You don't live in Boston, YOU live in the greatest city in the world. You, ladies and gentleman boys and girls of all ages, have something your counterparts from the North will never have ... class.

There were some people on here last week that seemed to be in favor of the Astros making a move for hometown guy Scott Kazmir. Well, Buster Olney thinks that the Rays should make a move, and trade him this offseason.

Does J.R. Towles deserve to be called up? RJ thinks so. His points are valid. Pudge is slumping terribly, and Towls has only had a grand total of 197 ML ABs. Could it hurt?

It always seemed like police officers give out too many tickets already, but this is ridiculous!