Times tries to tie Tejada to old tip pitching claim

The NY Times carries an article which says that some of Miguel Tejada's old teammates in Oakland wondered if he was tipping pitches to Dominican friends. Tejada denies the claim, and ex-A's manager Art Howe defended Tejada. The 2001 A's supposedly had a team meeting to clear the air about the claims. But the article seems like an effort to paint Tejada with the same brush as the attacks on A-Rod. Johnny Damon, then an A, also defends Tejada, saying that it turned out that Tejada was a young shortstop who who would take a step too quickly in the direction he expected the ball. If anything, it sounds like some players may have had a xenophobic problem with distrusting Dominican players. The supposed evidence of Tejada pitch tipping is ludicrous....such as Tejada and an opposing Dominican player with the Jays hitting well in the same series. This is a serious charge and I think you need hard evidence to make it.

I refuse to believe that this goes on in MLB. I think the players are too competitive. I didn't believe the claims about A-Rod either. The claims are never supported by good evidence other than some teammates "wondering" about it. The Times cites a player "who has never seen it or heard about it" but insists it happens. This has the feeling of an urban myth.

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