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Sunday Morning Astros, etc Round Up

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Another media outlet tells us that Cecil Cooper is on thin ice. At this point, I absolutely cannot see him remaining on as manager past October.

Speaking of Coop, he took over as Astros manager two years ago last Friday, and has compiled a 162-168 record in his time as skipper. Not that he's had a roster of All Stars to work with, but rest assured that McLane knows Cooper's record and this will factor into his decision making this offseason.

Sad news for Mike Hampton: he has chosen to have season ending surgery to repair injuries to both of his knees and his left shoulder. He wants to try and pitch again, saying that he's going to do everything he can to come back. Hampton is by all accounts a good guy, it just didn't work out for him in his second stint as an Astro.

RJ has gone past mentioning rumors of Cecil Cooper's demise and has come right out and endorsed a replacement: Jeffery Robert Bagwell. Manny Acta is asked to come on as Baggy's bench coach. I'd rather Acta come on as manager, but that's just me. Bringing up Manzella and Towles, and inserting Edwin Maysonet as our every day second baseman rounds out his suggestions.

Last, this is a topic I don't think I've ever heard discussed, or ever read an article on, hitters showing bunt early in a count. Not that the subject is all that interesting, but the fact that someone thought of devoting time to writing about it is cool in my opinion.