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Monday Morning Astros, etc Round Up

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Should Cecil Cooper pull a Billy Martin and just pull the lineup out of a hat?

Jason Castro has been hot, hot, hot lately. Here's a link to prove it.

How does 2 months become 144 months? This is how.

Why aren't the Nats doing what the Pirates are? As in, why aren't they trading away veterans for prospects? I understand the sentiments, but are the Pirates really the team a loser wants to emulate?

In regard to issue of the leaking of certain names from the 2003 "anonymous" steroid test, Craig Calceterra is of the opinion that the rest of the names should not be released. To wit:

And what is to be gained by such a release? The satisfaction of the media, who would love to report and opine on this some more, and the satisfaction of the general public who either gets off on the salaciousness of it or, more commonly, simply wants this all to go away and thinks the quicker the names are out the more likely that is to happen. Call me crazy, but I don't think my rights to privacy and to the security of my personal medical information are something to be preserved or denied based on how good a story this makes for someone.

I know there are a number of lawyers/law students/future law students that frequent this blog, and I had to jump at the chance to link an article that mentioned concepts like duty, breach, and the Fourth Amendment.

A lot of times, fans think of players like gears in a machine, not actual people. This is a nice article detailing what goes on in a player's mind around the trade deadline.

Good news, I think, for Texas Rangers fans: Neftali Feliz is on his way to Arlington.

Bad news, I think, for Bill Hall of the Milwaukee Brewers: he is running out of time to prove his worth as a major leaguer. Maybe he plays out the string in AAA and gets a call from another big league team?

Over at Minor League Ball, there is a Fan Post up which compares Wade Davis (Rays minor leaguer) to Bud Norris. One commented notes that the Astros having to rely on Norris down the stretch will cause his IP to spike dramatically.

Last- if anyone wants to lose a few lb's, you many want to consider the LenDale White method of weight loss.