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Wednesday Morning Astros, etc Round Up

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JJO has quite a bit of information for us in his latest blog post. For one, Mike Hampton is going to get plasma therapy for his ailing shoulder. And damn it folks, I'm a law student, not a doctor- so here's an article from the New York Times which details the procedure and its benefits. I respect Hampton a great deal for trying as hard as he can to get back, but the fact remains that there are less than 40 games in the season. Since the Astros are most likely going to be using September to see what their young pitchers have to offer in 2010, does Mike even get the opportunity to come back and make a start or two?

Speaking of young starters, fresh off his strong outing on Sunday Felipe Paulino could start on Sunday vs. the D-Backs. Paulino has admitted that his not knowing what his role will be from day to day is mentally taxing:

"You know how good it feels when they say you're going to relieve, because I feel more comfortable when I know what fixed role I have," he said. "Sometimes my mind wanders when I don't know what my role is. It's hard to say it, but it's true sometimes it's harder to focus when I don't have a set role.

Chalk it up to another bit of mismanagement by Cecil Cooper. If the Astros had a loss for every Cecil Cooper blunder...they'd probably be three games under .500 after 135 games.

Yorman Bazardo and Bud Norris will give it a go on Friday and Saturday respectively. So this is it Astros' fans: the potential for a series to be started by three young, promising arms. This occurrence has been like Halley's Comet in the Houston organization. Let's hope that trend ceases in 2009.

From MLB Daily Dish, two interesting links for ya. First off, the Diamondbacks are apparently looking to bolster their bullpen. LaTroy Hawkins, anyone? I don't know if it necessarily makes sense for a struggling team whose farm system isn't all that strong, but we shall see.

Second, Buck Showalter's ready to help baseball with a re-alignment plan. Some of his statements about how the NFL doesn't have two distinct leagues seems a bit off because, well, they have the NFC and AFC. Beyond that though, it's still sort of cool to think about changing things up.

A lot of people have had a coming to God moment- where their minds open up and they come to accept something new. Well, baseball geeks probably go through something similar, but instead of God, they come to sabermetrics.

Zach Levine got to see Jose Vallejo collect a hit in his third straight game, and JR Towles knocked him in once for his first RBI since returning from injury.