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Astros pull Valverde off waivers after claim

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With Fox Sports reporting that the Astros had to pull Jose Valverde off of waivers today, so ends whatever pipe dreams some of us may have harbored about landing some worth while talent via his trade.

I can't say that I am overly surprised by this turn of events, but also I can't say that I am not a little bit saddened. The ability to trade him away for the caliber of prospects he could command would have been a huge boon for the Astros. His trade also would have removed the fear I have that the Astros might not offer him arbitration and miss out on the opportunity to collect on his compensation pick as a Type A FA. Maybe this fear is unfounded, but after last off season's arbitration offers—zero—I can't shake the fear.

However, this opens the possibility for a little afternoon discussion: