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Bud Norris dominates in his first big league start, Astros win 2-0

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Bud Norris can induce a ground ball double play when no runners are on base.

MLB lowered the pitching mound in STL today to level the playing field for the Cardinals. Bud Norris still pitched a shutout.

Today's game was supposed to be a night game, but Bud Norris sped up the Earth's revelation around the sun so his first big league win could be in a day game.

Bud Norris proved that man > The Machine.

If you combine Bud Norris' VORP, ERA+ and WAR, then divide by the amount of weight he can bench press, you'll have the meaning of life.

Bud Norris climbed into a Jose Valverde suit today and collected the save himself. Out of charity, he gave the credit to Jose.

Losing streak over.