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Astros 2 — Brewers 6: Post Game Mad Lib

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I can't bring myself to write anything about this, so I'll let you guys do the work for me.  Just copy and paste the story into the comments section and fill it in.

The Astros _______ (adverb) lost another _______ (adjective) game on this _______ (adjective) road trip.  Brian Moehler, like the rest of his peers in the rotation, need 105 pitches to get through 5IP, while giving up 3 runs.  Not wanting to wear out the ______ (adjective) Moehler, Cecil "______" (adjective or entire phrase) Cooper went to the bullpen.

The sixth inning was a _______ (adjective) as Coop _______ (adverb) needed three relief pitchers to give up three more runs.  For some ________ (long winded descriptive phrase) reason, Coop went with Tim Byrdak to face off against LHB Prince Fielder.  In the end, Coop was pleased with the fact that he got to use number of relief pitchers in no more than 1IP stints.  ________________________________________ (entire sentence reacting the previous sentence or paragraph if you wish).

Thankfully, Roy Oswalt takes the mound tomorrow.  Maybe, just maybe, the ________ (noun) that is this road trip will end.

Oh and congratulations to Kaz Matsui.  I'm not sure why this was such a story, buy you now have 2000 career hits in both Japan and MLB. 



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