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Battle weary pitching costs Astros the game: Astros 2 — Marlins 9

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Mike Hampton didn't pitch badly, but was forced out of the game with a sore shoulder after 5IP.  Coop went to the bullpen and threw a fatigued Chris Sampson into the fray.  What was a manageable game became unmanageable.



The one positive I draw from tonight's game was Yorman Bazardo's 2.1IP with 2K and 0BB.  Bazardo was shelled in his first outing, but Coop took a lot criticism for pitching him on very short rest.  With Hampton's shoulder issue, JD opined that Bazardo is a likely candidate to pick up Hampton's next start (Richard Justice echos JD's opinion). I think we all can concur that that's the Bazardo who'll be taking the mound, then great.

We now have to wait for Wandy tomorrow night to try and feel good about the Astros again.  I definitely say good riddance to this series

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