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TCB Thursday Trivia Question Answer

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In today's Round Up, I posed the following trivia question:

Can you name the six current major leaguers who have nine or more career seasons of 100+ RBI?

As DQ just informed me, there are seven players (not six) who fit the criteria of having 9+ 100 RBI seasons. So my bad for limiting everyone to only six players who fit the description I laid out.

The answers:

Jim Thome (AL Central)

Vladimir Guerrero (AL West)

Alex Rodriguez (AL East)

Manny Ramirez (NL West)

Chipper Jones and Carlos Delgado (NL East)

Albert Pujols (NL Central)

When the question was asked on Mike and Mike in the Morning, I thought Ken Griffey, Jr. was a right answer instead of Chipper Jones.

I saw a lot of good guesses in the comments section, so kudos to all the guessers.