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Farmstros Five-Week 18

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The Farmstros Five for the week of August 5-11, 2009:

The Top Performer:

Leandro Alayon, 17, RHP, DSL Astros. Alayon pitched in two games. He allowed one earned run, nine hits and struck out eight in 10 1/3 IP.

The other four:

Steve Brown, 22, OF, Lexington. Brown went 9 for 29 with one triple, three home runs and 10 RBI.

John Frawley, 23, RHP, GCL Astros. Frawley, a 2009 undrafted free agent pitched seven innings, allowing four hits and one earned run while striking out 10 over two relief appearances.

Brandon Barnes, 23, OF, Lancaster. Barnes was 12 for 24 with three doubles, one triple and five RBI.

Koby Clemens, 22, C/DH/OF, Lancaster. Clemens waited until his last at bat of the week to clinch his spot. He hit a walk-off two-run homer Tuesday night, his third walk-off homer of the season. For the week, he was 10 for 25 with two doubles, one home run and nine RBI.