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NL All Star Roster Announced: Hunter Pence and Miguel Tejada head to St. Louis

Here's the roster for your viewing pleasure. Not a whole lot of surprises on that list. Thirteen first timers on the Senior Circuit roster, so that's exciting. Two of which, Brad Hawpe and Jason Marquis, are on the surprising Colorado Rockies.

The Astros are represented by Hunter Pence and Miguel Tejada. Pence hasn't been himself of late but I can't really argue with his selection. The Hit Machine (hat tip to AstroAndy) himself, Miguel Tejada, is a big name and doesn't have a whole lot of compeititon at shortstop.

If the NL Central were decided by players selected to the All Star game, it would still be ridiculously close:

Team # of All-Stars Players
STL 3 Y. Molina, A. Pujols, R. Franklin
MIL 2 R. Braun, P. Fielder
HOU 2 M. Tejada, H. Pence
CIN 1 F. Cordero
CHI 1 T. Lilly
PIT 1 F. Sanchez

Overall, the divisions are split as evenly as possible: eleven players from both the NL East and West, and ten from the Central. Of the NL West players selected to the Mid Summer Classic, all eleven are reserve players. Although I would expect that the starter of the All Star Game will be either Tim Lincecum (SF) or Dan Haren (AZ).

One player who comes to mind as a snub is ATL pitcher, Javier Vasquez. He is second in the NL in FIP, K/9 and K/BB. A 5-7 personal record and playing on an average Atlanta team most likely doomed his cause.

Who else was snubbed this season?

Can you make a similar claim that Lance Berkman has All Star worthy peripherals statistics, but becuase of his slow start and low BA he didn't stand a chance?