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Saturday Links, Thoughts and Other Fun-ness

Save the bees!

That's probably more than I ever wanted to know about bees, bee colonies, queen bees, etc.

In defense of the Padres' groundskeepers/maintenance people, I have to say that they did well to alleviate the difficult situation in a timely fashion, without any people, at least. Yes, I suppose there is a more humane way to do just about anything, but it was the end of a game- a long, somewhat boring game. The beekeeper got there in less than an hour and got the players back on the field. What's more, everyone got to make their own "Killer B's" joke.

Honey bees, as the article indicates, are dying off at an alarming rate. So much of our food supply depends on the pollination that these bees provide that this could get pretty ugly, and quick. This got me to thinking about the Fourth of July, and the tasty treats that are enjoyed on this day. Be sure to vote in the poll, and let your favorite be known.

I love today. That's no exaggeration. The Fourth of July is about pride, being with family and friends, and enjoying the liberties that we as Americans enjoy every single day of our lives. I don't want to get on a soapbox, but as a proud American, no day on the calendar beats 7/4. There is one aspect about today that I do not enjoy: Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

In theory, it seems that I would. I like food, and I don't necessarily employ moderation when eating. I like hot dogs. I enjoyed Nathan's hot dogs the only time I ate them. Something about eating them until you can barely move grosses me out to the max though. Oh well. I guess that whole "liberties" thing I wrote about earlier means respecting the liberties of others, as well.

Oh, wait. This is a BASEBALL blog?

The Astros claimed German Duran off of waivers on Wednesday. He will be put on the DL after having his appendix removed recently.

Meanwhile, the obvious is stated.

JJO asks if the bullpen is on "empty".

Man-Ram returned last night. At Petco Park. In left-field. Where the bees were. Could the baseball gods have meant to send a plague tonight to chastise Manny for his steroid usage, and just sent it a day early?

While making dinner last night, I had Sportscenter on TV, and Manny's face popped up on the screen. My sister asked me, "Is that Manny? Or should I say, Woman-y?" Hilarious. Just like her brother...

In honor of Independence Day, I had to post this link of Benjamin Franklin at a Phllies game.