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Friday Morning Astros, etc Round Up

So David Ortiz has been busted for steroid use. It's the list that keeps on bad news about some of the icons of the game. The list of those players that tested positive in 2003 was supposed to be kept confidential, but looks like MLB's attorneys couldn't hold it in. Furthermore, when the players agreed to be tested, they were told that it would be done anonymously. I wouldn't be too pleased if my name came up after being told this.

David Pinto from Baseball Musings asked readers whether or not Ortiz' heart problems in 2006 could be tied to steroid usage. It's not like it should surprise anyone at this point that a slugger from the early 2000s was a user, but I think Papi is someone who has gained cult status among many fans so learning about this sort of thing may be more difficult to take.

If you want to get a different perspective on this, or if you just want to revel in another team's sadness, here's a link to the SBN Red Sawx Blog, Over the Monstah.

Well, we were the last team to do it, but the Astros finally had a minor leaguer make their major league debut. Welcome to the major league side of Fangraphs, Bud.

Not baseball related, but since when did John Lopez, formerly of the Houston Chronicle and currently a Houston sports talk radio guy, start writing for Sports Illustrated?

Richard Justice is having trouble with his vision.

And it's One, Two, Two strikes you're out at the old ball game!

What most major league baseball teams are figuring out today, Bill James knew in 1988!