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Farmstros Five - Week 16

The Farmstros Five for the Week of July 22-28, 2009

The Top Performers:

DSL Astros pitching TRIO, which led the team to an undefeated week:
Xavier Baso, 17, RHP. Baso pitched five hitless innings with six strikeouts. Baso has not allowed a hit in 15 1/3 innings.
Danilo Del Rio, 18, RHP. Del Rio pitched five scoreless innings, allowing three hits and striking out four.
Jose Perdomo, 17, RHP. Perdomo also pitched five scoreless innings, allowing one hit and striking out six.

The Other Four:

Koby Clemens, 22, DH/C, Lancaster. Clemens went 12 for 27 with five doubles, two home runs, and 12 RBI.

Luis Bryan, 18, IF, GCL Astros. Bryan went 10 for 25 with two doubles, one triple, one home run and 10 RBI.

Yorman Bazardo, 25, RHP, Round Rock. Bazardo pitched eight innings allowing one run and five hits.

Max Fearnow, 22, RHP, Tri-City. In two relief appearances, Fearnow pitched nine innings allowing two runs and striking out five.