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Things go awry and the Astros drop the series to the Mets: Mets 8 - Astros 3

Without even listening to any of the post game interviews, I imagine that this is one of those games that will get chalked up to "just not having it," "wasted opportunities," "pitches being made," etc.  I can't really find fault in any of those standard lines because having been at the game, that was the feeling I had.  The Astros got out to a 3-0 lead in the first, but things feel apart for the Astros when Geoff Blum was thrown out at home.  After that, it was just clear that today, was not going to be their day.



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NL Central Standings

Chicago 51 45 .531 - Won 4
St. Louis 53 48 .524 .5 Lost 2
Houston 50 48 .510 2 Lost 2
Milwaukee 49 49 .500 3 Lost 1
Cincinnati 44 53 .453 7.5 Lost 6
Pittsburgh 43 54 .443 8.5 Lost 1

(updated 7.26.2009 at 4:50 PM CDT)

With a three game set at Wrigley starting tomorrow, the Astros have an opportunity to reclaim the ground they lost to the Cubs this weekend.  And that's what I will be focusing on for the next twenty-six or so hours.