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Saturday Morning Astros, etc Round Up

Jerome Solomon tells us that how the back end of the rotation performs in the second half will be key if the Astros are to stay in the hunt for a playoff birth. Maybe if Mike Hampton just pitches against the Pirates...

Richard Justice has a trade deadline sneak peak: expect the Astros to add either a pitcher and/or a third baseman. What's more, the Astros will most likely be able to get them after the deadline! Oh yea- those players are Aaron Boone and Bud Norris.

Speaking of the deadline, Jonah Keri lays out nine deals that happen before July 31st. Some players of note are Chad Qualls (to the Yanks), Jarrod Washburn (to the Brewers), and Roy Halladay (to the Rangers).

Saber-critics like to argue that statistically inclined fans would prefer to have the games played on computers, rather than on the field. Well, could this be the first step towards that? Look at this scouting report!

The batting robot, which has a sensor to determine if pitches are strikes or balls, hits balls in the strike zone almost 100 percent of the time, doesn't swing at pitches outside the strike zone, and is guaranteed to pass all drug tests.

Hmmm....sounds a lot like Albert his nickname is "The Machine". I'm becoming less convinced that this writer didn't just spend a few days in St. Louis...

Ishikawa is also working on getting the batting robot to be able to hit to all parts of the field.

Ok. Albert doesn't really do that, so I guess it is a robot after all.

The Big Four professional sports leagues and the NCAA are suing the state of Delaware in order to stop them from legalizing gambling on those sports.

Any fans of the show Seinfeld should get a kick out of this. My favorite sports moment: When George gives up sex and is suddenly able to concentrate his energies towards more "productive" things, and he gives batting advice to Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter.

Finally, a poll. It's about this guy.