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Discussion Time: It's Open Season for Astro-Bashing

Fangraphs takes a turn on calling out the Astros for being frauds. Basically, it talks about how Lance Berkman's absence is going to sink our ship, which is good thing, because the Astros just aren't very good. A post I made yesterday about Lance's injury was fairly similar to Mr. Anderson's actually, except I chose the glass half full point of view.

The article makes a few valid points, but it's the venom associated with points that makes me wonder if the author just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I made a pretty lengthy comment and I'll repost it here:

Wow! Why the hate, man? I read FanGraphs every day, and I never see an author write this way about a team…did the Astros organization do something terrible to you?

Jason Smith, Doug Brocail, Geoff Geary, and Brandon Backe are either no longer with the team, are injured, or are in AAA with zero chance of rising up to make the big league club again this season. Take out their terrible performances, and the team doesn’t look so bad.

The Astros appear "lucky" because of their run differential/strength of schedule so far. Again, every team has throw away blowout losses that skew their pythag record. This team is no different. They’re something like 0-8 in games decided by 8+ runs…they lose blowouts, in other words.

True, maybe, they aren’t that good, and maybe they don’t have a great farm system (ok, they don’t have a good farm system!), but why the need to jump all over them like this?

As far as costing the team a draft pick…it’s not like it’s the NBA or NFL where early first rounders are more of a sure thing. It’s baseball. Tons of busts, no matter if you pick #4 or number #24 in the first round.

Does that sound about right? Did I miss anything?