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Friday Morning Astros, etc Round Up: Ed Wade, pay attention

Joe Sheehan is at it again, full of words of advice for Ed Wade. Moves he suggests the Astros should just try out, and see what happens:

See if J.R. Towles, now 25 and two years removed from being loved here, can bring back an upgrade in the infield, maybe Jhonny Peralta or Freddy Sanchez.

Keep in mind that he offered this suggestion before Lance Berkman landed on the DL, so consider that before you give him the benefit of the doubt.

Next up in his bag o' tricks:

Jordan Lyles might be the organization’s best prospect now, but his main value is probably as the centerpiece of an offer for Victor Martinez.

?? Maybe, for the future draft picks we could get if Martinez turned down our arbitration offer, but I still don't know if it would be worth it. I would hesitate to trade a top fifty prospect like Lyles for Victor Martinez. Especially considering that Lance Berkman is our first baseman for the foreseeable future, and that Jason Castro is moving swiftly through the minor leagues. But, wait! That last "roadblock" is solved by Sheehan's next sentence:

Throw a bunch of B- and C-level prospects—the system lacks A-level guys—for Jarrod Washburn. Find out what the industry thinks of Jason Castro

Yes! That's it, Joe! Trade for this guy. Someone who is playing so far above his head, it's mind-blowing. Baseball Prospectus always throws that at the Astros- they play above their heads, they're lucky, blah, blah, blahhhhhh...So why add another one of those supposedly blessed players?

He finishes up by throwing out a Hunter Pence for Matt Holliday and a pitcher from Oakland trade. Bottom line, the Astros must be buyers.

At this point, does Sheehan even research when he writes about the Astros? Or does he just rely on his own subjective opinions and perceptions about the team? I'm gonna go with the latter....

Speaking of Mr. Holliday, the Cardinals are interested in obtaining the Athletics' OF. They're dangling top prospect Brett Wallace to get him. I'd be wary if I were St. Louis- the last time they traded with the A's, this guy got away.

Mr. Bill James weighs in on the steroids controversy. When he talks, we all should listen.

Beyond the Boxscore bumps the Astros up to 24th in their power rankings. Hooray!

I'd be remiss if I failed to mention Mark Buehrle and his perfect game. Perpetually underrated, he sent 27 Rays down in order.