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Poll: Does Lance Berkman's DL trip put the onus on Ed Wade to make a trade?

I would assume that it is an option that the front office is considering. Not that I think that they should, but with the next few weeks being of such extreme importance, anything can happen.

The farm system is in tatters, but has steadily improved over the course of just one year. Most of that improvement is in the lower levels, and I am not sure if any of our AA hitters' (besides Jason Castro) are all that enticing to the other 29 ML teams. In Round Rock, there are a few interesting pieces: most notably the top four starters, Paulino/Bazardo/Norris/Paulino, as well as catcher JR Tolwes and OF Brian Bogusevic. Would it make sense to send any number of them to a team for a proven hitter for the stretch drive?