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Astros choose RHP Tanner Bushue in Second Round

Here are some tidbits on Mr. Bushue, who was selected with the sixty-ninth pick in the draft:

  • The Chicago Tribune ranked Bushue as the second best prospect in the state of Illinois
  • He is a two sport star, playing basketball as well as baseball at South Central High School in Farina, IL
  • Bushue committed to John A. Logan Junior College in Illinois. Signability factors in here, I would assume
  • Throwing in the mid 90s consistently as a high schooler, one source had him as going between the 10th and 20th rounds. After reading that, I'm more sure than ever his signing won't be much of an issue
  • The enrollment of Bushue's high school in Farina, IL is 245. My graduating senior class had nearly three times that many people
  • He has scored more than 1000 points in his high school basketball career. Has no bearing on his ability to play baseball, but it's cool nonetheless