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The Crawfish Boxes to host Day One Thread for MLB Draft

Starting at 5 pm C.D.T tomorrow, The Crawfish Boxes will be hosting a live MLB draft gamethread. I will do my best to stick around at least through the Astros first couple picks, and perhaps longer. AstroAndy has done a stellar job preparing our blog community for this uber-important couple days in our team's season. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for doing so. DQ or myself will compile all of his draft preview articles to one central post at some point in the next day.

All of us love to keep up with the day in and day out exploits of the Astros, but I don't think it's unfair to say that this may end up being the most important week in the organization's year. For those of you who have access to MLB Network, the first round (up to the 33rd selection) will be live. After that will air a live video stream for the remainder of the first day. In total, Day One will consist of the first round, Compensation Round A, Round Two, Round Three, and Compensation Round B (where only the Astros will select). Rounds 4-30 will occur on June 10, while 31-50 are on Thursday the 11th.

Here is's preview for the Astros.

For the lead up to the draft, and for continued coverage, SBN's blog, Minor League Ball, is a must read.

Saber-Scouting is chock full of information and insight that is especially interesting during draft week.

**DQ insert** I want make sure and properly laud AstrosAndy for his amazing job at amassing and digesting all the draft info he did.  It's a tremendous asset to our community and one that will surely make us more informed come the 21st pick tomorrow.  Thanks AstrosAndy!!


  • Part I - The positional break down of Heck's selections
  • Part II - The patterns of Heck's drafting
  • Part III - Heck's pitching preferences
  • Part IV - Our draft philosophy
  • Part V - Sifting through the mock drafts to see what we can infer
  • Part VI - What the great State of Texas might offer