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Sunday Morning Astros, etc. Round Up

I think we all need this just to burn the images of the Wizard getting shelled out of our brains:


  • Some more info about Geoff Geary's rehab and an update on Kaz Matsui...this is not a durable roster.
  • More details on Alberto Arias after his MRI yesterday.
  • Our friends from up north put a lot of thought into recycling the same tired critiques of the Astros, kudos.  Sure there's some truth to them, but come on?
  • Richard Justice spills a lot of e-ink trying to describe what he wants in the next Astros manager, but I'm still not sure what he's actually looking for.
  • Don't worry, Coop is aware that Ivan Rodriguez is old and needs to play fewer games.  If only he had gotten that memo about Doug Brocail last year.
  • Draft fever - symptoms: wild conjectures about players few people seen and stats that are almost impossible to interpret.
  • Has there ever been a player/GM?